From Adults to Teens and Everything In Between

From Adults to Teens and Everything In Between

Friday, April 30, 2010

Sure-To-Win Titles from the D.O.T.

A Partial List of Actual Job Titles from the Dictionary of Occupational Titles Which, When Preceded by the Word "The" Would Make Excellent Titles for Your Novel, Epic Poem, Sonnet, Folk Song or Screenplay - in no particular order:

(Compiler's note: I have inserted the "the" on each of these, for effect.)

The Bandoleer Packer
The Able Seaman
The Blade Groover
The Sleever
The Crab Butcher
The Fish Straightener
The Gang Sawyer
The Axminster Weaver
The Beaming Inspector
The Bone Picker
The Pickle Pumper
The Tobacco Stripper
The Wrinkle Chaser
The Bed Setter
The Cherry Cutter
The Wool Sacker
The Balloon Dipper
The Back Tufter
The Pulp Piler
The Hide Handler
The Broomcorn Seeder
The Pony Edger
The Bundle Breaker
The Bottom Polisher
The Log Cooker
The Rug Clipper
The Spoilage Worker
The Bell-Neck Hammerer


  1. Excellent!!! I would love to see and read the book titled The Pickle Pumper.

  2. The Sleever Sounds kinda creepy! LOL

  3. Michele - you have to ask for that one special, behind the counter.

    Annie - it's all yours. Creepy is your speciality, no?

  4. Where would one dip a balloon? Is that what happens at a kid's party when the clown is having a REALLY bad day?


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