From Adults to Teens and Everything In Between

From Adults to Teens and Everything In Between

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Susan's Wednesday RT Report

RT Book Reviews Booklover’s Convention is under full swing right here in good ol’ Columbus, Ohio. The place is crawling with people who love books. Romance is the main focus of RT, but let me tell you, that is a broad subject! You’ve got vampire romance, historical romance, funny romance, erotic romance, and probably some other stuff that I don’t really even want to think about. And it’s all here, all the readers who crave it, the publishers who publish it and—of course—the authors who dream it all up and put it on paper.

Oh, and there’s one other group of people here: Cover Models. Drool, slobber, lust. Yes, RT knows how to put on a great party. Last night, Ellora’s Cave—the self-proclaimed largest publisher of erotic romance, or “romantica”—treated everyone to a cover-model filled Paint the Town Red party. Following that, a select group of historical romance authors sponsored The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. Yes, a mad hat was pretty much required. Tonight there will be a Faery Ball—wings expected, Friday is the Vampire Dinner and Ball, and Saturday a publisher will host something that sounds like a prom. (Don’t know which is more unnerving—dinner with vampires or middle-agers at a prom!)

But it’s not all just fun and games. (Although given the laughter filling the halls, the wall-to-wall book displays with oodles of bare chests and heaving bosoms, and the wild attire of conventioneers, one might easily think that it is!) There are workshops for writers and real promo opportunities for authors. This is, after all, a convention sponsored by RT Book Reviews, a well respected publication who has, for years, been a major tool of the publishing industry to sell books.

And that’s the bottom line here—selling books. Writers are networking with editors and agents, authors are meeting with booksellers and publishers, readers are connecting with their favorite authors, and everyone is discovering new voices and new ideas. Oh, and it’s perfectly fine if you want to wear vampire fangs and a feather boa all day. No wonder there’s such a fun, party atmosphere.

Oh, and I bought a totally cute new purse.


  1. Thanks for the review Susan....feel as if I'm there : )

  2. My feather boa, as it turns out, is at the cleaners. And my bosoms pretty much never heave. (they sometimes *cause* heaving...)

    Thanks for boldly going where no man has gone before (Fabio notwithstanding).

  3. LMAO Devin you crack me up!!!

    Thank you so much Susan Awesome post! Can't wait join in!!

  4. Thanks for the post :) WISH I could be there, too!

  5. Aloha from Hawaii! This is the first time in four years that I have not been able to attend RT (husband is off island) so I am living the moments through bloggers!

    Which vendor sold you the cute purse? I am a fan of Jane Alyssa!

    Make sure you stop by the SOS Table in Club RT - SOS is Kathryn Falk's military charity. Several veterans who write are volunteering their time to promote SOS.

    And save some energy for the SOS Military Mixer on Saturday, May 1, 3:30 pm (after the book fair - see agenda for location). It is open to all convention-goers ... and a great way to thank our military veterans!


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