From Adults to Teens and Everything In Between

From Adults to Teens and Everything In Between

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What Attracts You To a Book?

What are you reading right now and why? 

As a group of writers, we here at Fiction Flurry are always interested in what attracts readers to books.  If you read a book that's outside your favorite genre, what makes you select that book?  How do you go about picking your next read from the genre you like best?

For me, I'm first drawn to new works of authors whom I've already read.  I just purchased a hardcover, full priced Caleb's Crossing by Geraldine Brooks because she's one of my favorite authors.  I have a Nook e-reader and could have purchased the e-book for half the price, but since Brooks is tops on my list, I splurged.

Next in my hierarchy of book-purchasing selection criteria is genre:  historical fiction, literary fiction, mainstream fiction.  If I'm not familiar with the author, the cover better draw me in.  When I purchase an e-book, I've usually seen it in the bookstore first.  Otherwise, a recommendation from a friend who has similar taste in books usually is a good way to go.  When I'm in the mood to buy a book, I go to Good Reads to see what my friends recommend.

I would like to purchase more books by self published authors on my Nook.  What's the best way that you've found to search for titles by self published authors?  What kind of luck have you had with the quality of self published books that you've purchased? 

We'd love to hear from you about your book selection process.  What websites to you use to help search for the next perfect book?  What attracts you to a book?


  1. What attracts me to a book? The number one element of a book for me, is the cover. I hate to admit it, but the cover does sort of matter. If it doesn't appeal to me, I'll most likely not pick it up. Next is the author. If I've read the author before and liked it, I'll most likely read from that same author. Last is the content. (That's not too wrong of me is it?) Most websites that usually help me find the next book are all the current blogs that I'm following.

    Hope that helps and happy reading:)

  2. Hey there!
    Right now I'm reading Shine by Lauren Myracle. So far so good, I like mystery and YA. Lately I read a lot of dystopian; it all started with The Hunger Games, blame Katniss for making me fall in love with the genre :)
    For new books, I tend to be attracted by cover and blurb. If the cover looks interesting I will pick it up and read the blurb; and if the blurb tempting, I will check reviews and rating on goodreads. If all good, I'll buy the book. But when will I read it, it all depend on my mood; I've bought The Knife of Never Letting Go for months before I finally read it. Not because I think it wasn't interesting, but mostly because I had different interest at that time so I picked different kind of books.

  3. For me it used to be all about whether or not I liked the author. But I have recently discovered that I have a rather small selection of authors that I choose from. So now, I focus more on the cover. It's so fun to go and browse through a bookstore and pick up a book just because you like what's on the front. I have also been more into reading reviews. It's great to hear what other people think of the book. I've heard of so many more titles that I didn't even know were around. The literary world is great, and I'm loving exploring it.

  4. it has to be the cover. hahahaha. then followed by its synopsis:)


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