From Adults to Teens and Everything In Between

From Adults to Teens and Everything In Between

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanks Giving

I have to admit: Thanksgiving has always been my all-time favorite holiday. When I was a child, our house was the hub for all the festivities. My mother cooked the turkey, and my grandparents, cousins, friends of the family – whomever, as the list was long and all were welcome - would dine at our round oak table along with my brother, my parents and me. Sadly, the group at our holiday feast has dwindled considerably with the passing of time, but my enthusiasm for the day has not waned in the least.

I know that this year it seems harder than ever for many folks to conjure up the enthusiasm for our “day of plenty” when it may appear that there is so little to go around. Yet despite the difficult economic times, I would like to encourage you to take this day and reflect upon your own personal “Thanks Giving” list. I bet that each one of you could come up with at least three things that you are grateful for. (And probably a great number more, but three seems pretty manageable).

Now, taking the three items on your list, here are some ways to make your Thanksgiving a day of true gratitude:

1) DIG DEEPER. Like many people, you have probably included loved ones on your gratitude list. For example, you may be thankful for your parents. But dig deeper – are you grateful for them because they always supported you when you failed? Or are you grateful for them for the life lessons they instilled in you throughout the years? Whatever the three items on your list, dig down and determine just why you are glad to have them in your life.

2) GET LOUD! Don’t keep your list to yourself. Is your child on your list? Then tell them how proud you are of them. Tell your son that he makes you laugh or your daughter that she inspires you. Tell your spouse how much you appreciate them. And don’t stop there – tell other people what you are grateful for, and ask them to share their lists. In a world where we are all too quick to offer criticism, use this day to make someone else feel cherished.

3) STOP AND SAVOR. This is a fact: time goes more quickly with each passing year. I don’t think Einstein has a theory for it, and probably you scientists out there would argue that “technically” time, in and of itself, does not move any faster. But, for those of us over forty, you know exactly what I mean. I find myself thinking about all those things I planned to do “someday” and I realize: someday is now. So, linger over your meal today. Enjoy the aroma of the food as it cooks. Use every single one of your 10,000 taste buds. Listen attentively when others are speaking. Enjoy the sensation of a full belly, but most importantly, enjoy having a full heart.

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