From Adults to Teens and Everything In Between

From Adults to Teens and Everything In Between

Friday, February 24, 2012

What's Your Favorite Book Store?

With the rise in popularity of e-books, there has been a corresponding bust of "big box" book stores.  At the same time, however, it seems something else is going on... independent book sellers, book resellers, and on-line book stores have continued to survive - some might even say thrive! - in this tight economy.  When an e-book won't do, and you just have to have that good, old-fashioned book-in-hand experience, who do you turn to?  What's your favorite book store?

Here in Columbus, Ohio, we have a nice selection of book stores to choose from. 
The Village Bookshop in Linworth is one of my favorites!

The Village Bookshop inhabits an old church building.

It's a treasure trove of good reads...and bargains!!!

Take a seat.  Stay and read for a while.

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  1. I have to admit that I'm much more "commercial" in my bookstore tastes. A perfect evening for me is a few hours at Barnes & Noble. And since there's a Starbucks right inside the store, that's just an added bonus. In fact, I think they should just combine the two concepts and call it something like "Starbooks".


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