From Adults to Teens and Everything In Between

From Adults to Teens and Everything In Between

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Contest Tuesday

I love to get something for nothing, as long as that something is worth...something.  The Fiction Flurry Writers are all about a kinder, gentler critique of each other's work.  We all make an effort to find the good in each other's writing, not just that which can be improved.  After all, we are looking at each other's first drafts.  Screw ups are expected in first drafts, but there are also kernels of great writing. The Fiction Flurry Writers try to lift each other up and encourage improvement without making anyone feel incompetent. 

So our blog is about offering you, our reader, "something."  It might be the entertainment of reading a poem, short story, or sample from a novel.  It might be encouragement to keep writing, or a tip that might save you time or effort.  Tuesdays, henceforward, will be about contests and polls, often with some kind of recognition or reward:  a kinder, gentler critique of your work, perhaps a book signed by its author, something...

Today, the first person who is not a contributor to Fiction Flurry to correctly answer the following question in the comment section of this post will receive something for nothing:  a promotional post on our blog about your writing project or blog.  Word of mouth can be a powerful thing, can't it?  Now for the contest question:

What novel begins with this line?

"Only three people were left under the red and white awning of the grease joint: Grady, me, and the fry cook."

Post your answer in the comment section, and make sure that your e-mail address is linked to your profile so that we may contact the winner.  Here goes nothing!

Epilogue:  If you're stumped, Google is a wonderful thing!

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