From Adults to Teens and Everything In Between

From Adults to Teens and Everything In Between

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Calling all Bloggers

We are doing something a little different today here at Fiction Flurry. It's Contest Tuesday time again, but instead of giving away something physical, like a book, we're giving the gift of forum. That's right, you have the opportunity to win a Guest Blog spot right here at Fiction Flurry.

Do you have a writing or publishing topic you've been dying to talk about? A discussion you want to have with other writers? Have you been wanting to blog but aren't sure where to start?

This is your chance to shine!

The winner of this week's contest will win a Guest Blog spot here at Fiction Flurry at a date of your choosing within the next 60 days, plus you will receive a permanent link from Fiction Flurry to your blog for a whole year.

Please keep blog subjects within the writing/publishing world.

To enter, leave a comment below describing the topic you would like to blog about. Originality is encouraged.


  1. Calling all bloggers...yoo hoo...are you out there? This is your chance to shine! Come on, now, don't be shy. Leave a comment for your chance to win free air time!!!

  2. This is a wonderful idea.

    I'm starting a new series on my blog where I interview ordinary yet extraordinary teens to find out the issues everyday teenagers deal with in home and school life. My first post in this series will be September 1st.

    It is essential in writing YA to remain current on the trends and issues that concern teenagers. Without an understanding or compassionate disposition toward these struggles, writers take on an authoritarian voice and may come across as talking down to readers.

    In order to create stories that kids can relate to, it is my intention to understand the hundreds of struggles that kids must overcome in this generation.

    If you choose me as a guest blogger, not only would that be rad, but it would also be informative to the YA writing community as I'd blog a teen interview.

    Thanks bunches!

    Peace out.


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