From Adults to Teens and Everything In Between

From Adults to Teens and Everything In Between

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Writers Conferences

I am in the process of preparing for the ACFW National conference to be held this September in Indianapolis. Each year I try to set aside time to attend at least one writing conference. As I have been preparing, I have thought about the many benefits I have received by attending a writing conference. I've settled on my top three to share with you.

* The opportunity to meet with editors and literary agents. Many of the conferences offer one-on-one appointments, giving you fifteen minutes to sit down and start making those necessary networking contacts.

* The opportunity to meet and form friendships with other writers. Let's face it, writing is a lonely business, and many of our closest friends and family, (although we love them) glaze over when we start talking about writing. This gives you an opportunity to meet with other crazy people...I mean writers.

* The opportunity to improve in your craft. I love the classes I have taken. Each class helps me bring more dimension to my writing, and improve. My favorite class was taught by James Scott Bell entitled, How To Write A Novel They Won't Put Down. The class was extremely helpful, and the instructor shared so much information that I'm taking another one of his classes this year.

I know conferences can be costly, but I have always found them to be worth the investment.


  1. Great post about the benefits! I just blogged about needing tips for my FIRST! conference in October - do you have any specific tips? I will definitely link back to you! :)

  2. Hi Beth, Thanks for commenting. My best tip is number prepared. If you are meeting with agents, look up their website and be aware of what they are looking for.

    Also, it doesn't hurt to practice your "elevator pitch". The more at ease you are with it, the better chance you have of selling it!

  3. Colleen, although I have not yet had the opportunity to attend a conference, it is most certainly on my "to-do" list! And I hope to make that sooner, rather than later :)


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