From Adults to Teens and Everything In Between

From Adults to Teens and Everything In Between

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Rare Opportunites (Win a Susan Enan CD)

Tall and willowy as a reed, Susan Enan takes her seat. Her dark hair pulled back into a snug ponytail, she shows no amount of pretentiousness but is, perhaps, the slightest bit self conscious. She picks up her guitar and gently eases into an acoustic number off her first CD, entitled Plainsong. In a long, hot summer chockfull of family health crises and personal disappointments, Susan Enan, it seems, is my proverbial drink of cool water. If ever I should find myself trapped on earth, I only pray that my remaining time be spent thus: on a comfortable summer’s eve, in a candlelit room, a fragrant glass of wine at hand, with the melodic, lilting melodies and haunting lyrics of such a fine singer/songwriter as this to soothe me.

Through a fortuitous unfolding of events, this past Sunday I was invited to attend a House Concert. These intimate occasions are popular in certain parts of the country and are (rightfully so) gaining in popularity. It was a welcome, rare opportunity for me. This evening was attended by perhaps two dozen or so people, and was hosted by a writer acquaintance of mine, Julie Nelson. Julie has been raving about Susan Enan for months, and will quickly tell you that Enan’s music is at the top of her play list. Julie creates a unique play list for each of her works of fiction, and from the first moment she heard one of Enan’s songs, was enraptured with the music of this gifted “new” talent. In point of fact, Enan worked on her album for five years, and jokes that she hopes to have the second one out within the next five years from now.

Perhaps you have heard of her. One of Susan Enan’s songs, "Bring on the Wonder," was recently featured on the hit television series, Bones.  If you are not yet familiar with Susan Enan, then I predict that you soon will be. She is an artist whose passion for performance has not been adversely affected by what she herself will tell you is the perversion of the business: the labeling, packaging and auctioning off of the arts – as well as of the artists themselves.

Eschewing the bright lights – and nail biting negotiations – Enan has taken on the music world on her own terms. To date, she has logged over 8500 miles plus on this “tour” giving concerts in the homes of individuals. After a total of twenty-two stops, she estimates she will have seen about 11,000 miles of the United States and Canada – all by car!  From here, Enan will continue on her pilgrimage with dates booked across numerous countries well through 2011.

I have to say that I fully and completely concur with Julie: Enan’s evocative and thought-provoking music is indeed a fine accompaniment to writing. And so here is your rare opportunity: you can experience the wondrous sounds of Susan Enan for yourself just by following the Fiction Flurry blog. Every follower will be entered to win an autographed copy of Susan Enan’s CD, Plainsong. Even better, answer the following with a comment and you will receive TWO entries to win:

So, I want to know: what’s on your play list? Who are you listening to right now? And who do you turn to when you need to get your creative juices flowing?

(Contest will remain open until midnight EST 8/6/10. Winner will be announced here on 8/7/10.)

For more information on Susan Enan, or to view her upcoming House Concert dates, you should check out her official website.

Special thanks to Julie Nelson for graciously opening her home and sharing with all of us her inspiration (you can visit Julie's blog here). Julie, your house is, indeed, a place beset by positive energy, creativity, and welcoming muses. I wish you much success on your writing journey!

Beth Zellner


  1. Beth,

    Thanks so much for coming to the house concert. It was truly a treat to share my favorite singer with friends in a venue as small as my living room. :) And Susan's talent for not only singing but performing wowed me, and I already knew she was talented. I hope her music provides inspiration for other writers. Thanks for the beautiful post.


  2. Hi Beth,

    First, great name! ;)

    Second, so glad I found your blog, it's a gem!

    I am ADDICTED to Pandora Radio, because I'm introduced to new artists I've never heard before.

    Mat Kearney and Joshua Radin are a few faves right now, but David Gray is ALWAYS in my playlist. Great question!

    ~ Beth

  3. Thanks for the recommendation, Beth -- I always appreciate those, and will definitely check out Susan Enan.

    My go-to inspiration CD is Over The Rhine's "Ohio" double-CD set. I don't see that being replaced anytime soon (although The Be-Good Tanyas's "Blue Horse" has taken over the second-place spot and shows some potential).

  4. This is absolutely lovely!

    Music is such an important part of writing. When I'm in a rut, I always turn to Tatu. They do wonders for me.


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